Danielle. 20. Gemini. Elmira College. Junior. Nursing Major. Soccer. Music. Art. Mustaches. Wannabe hippie. Piercings. Tattoos. Hookah. Alcohol. Girls. Guys. Obsessed with fitness. Eating right. In love with my huge, crazy family. Struggled a lot so far. Still questioning everything about myself. This blog is what I like and who I am. Welcome to my life.

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Group 18 was conceived in the heat of studying biochemistry. Yes, you heard that correctly. Science and clothing found a mutual relationship. 

In studying these complex chemical reactions, one fundamental notion was always for certain: everyone and everything will seek to be like the elements of Group 18. The 18th column of the periodic table, Group 18, are those of the noble elements. Group 18 is unwavering, impervious to all others. They seek not to gain or lose. Every atom, every molecule, every person looks to complete themselves, for their utmost stability and place.  

Welcome to Group 18. The nobles.


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Follow stingrayreef for that summer vibe!🌴☀️


Follow stingrayreef for that summer vibe!🌴☀️

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